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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lebanon at peace - the Security Council says so, so it must be true (?)

Today, Algerian newspapers react to the not quite ceasefire in Lebanon. El Khabar's cartoonist (left) sees a simple message: "Now that the Arab regimes have revealed their loyalty to Israel... The future is for the Arab resistance." (The bin is labelled "Dustbin of History".) The paper's headline has "Olmert government sends 30,000 troops into southern Lebanon: 51 Israeli soldiers killed and 48 injured in fierce combat with Hezbollah, helicopter downed and several Merkava tanks destroyed."

Ech Chourouk go for "Ech Chourouk visits Nasrallah's house: The Israeli spy planes were above us... 'Come on guys, get inside, get inside, there's planes in the sky...' We hid under a tree for a little, because the Emka spy planes are blind - they don't see in the shade". The front-page editorial next to it is entitled "The war is not over!"

El Watan has "Large-scale Israeli offensive in southern Lebanon: The massacre continues. Despite the unanimous Security Council call for a ceasefire Friday night, Israel continues its aggression, spreading its ground offensive to the maximum. Putting Olmert's Wednesday decision into effect, the Israeli command have effectively tripled the number of Israeli soldiers on Lebanese soil...

Liberte goes for "The Lebanon war finished at 6 this evening with 1,145 deaths. Near-East: Until next time... The sixth Arab-Israeli war finished in confusion, with both camps claiming victory. Neither American strategic plans nor Israeli military domination prevailed."


At 12:01 PM, Blogger KNL said...

Hey, Lameen; do I come off as being "pro-Israeli" to you?

At 10:47 AM, Anonymous alle said...

is this blog dead? if so, that´s a shame.


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