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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Headlines today

To give a broad idea of what the Algerian press is saying, I decided to try and translate the headlines for all four of the newspapers I usually look at. It proved harder than I expected, and the odd error is probably still there, but one thing is obvious: Lebanon still leads, overwhelmingly, although the suspension of the education strike is a distant second.

Ech Chourouk: Israel counts its dead in the land offensive: A legendary stand by the men of the Resistance. Ech Chourouk correspondent accompanies Hezbollah fighters to the depths of the southern area.

El Watan:
  • Hezbollah opposes a fierce resistance to the Israeli army: Israel counts its dead. 13 Israeli soldiers were killed yesterday in violent conbat in Southern Lebanon, including 3 officers and a second-in-command of the 51st batallion of the elite Golani infantry regiment.
  • Two scandals at the Oran and Algiers courts: Supreme Court censured. Two scandals have just hit the Oran and Algiers courts. The former censured a Supreme Court judgement related to the BCIA affair; the latter gathered a chambre d'accusation on a Friday, in the lawyers' absence, to order a prison warrant on the very day that the accused would have left prison.
  • Summer 2006: The clubbers take back the night. In the summer heat, the night owls don't hide themselves to sleep, but to go out. These are the nightclubbers.

  • The Palestinian president visits Algeria: Mahmoud Abbas calls on Algeria. Abu Mazen received by the highest State authorities for a series of consultations on the Mideast situation.
  • Shaykh Naim Qasim, Vice-Secretary General of Hezbollah, to Liberte: "Rice makes gesticulation about Lebanon" (sorry, not sure about that idiom)
  • University: CNES suspends its strike
  • The FAF reestablishes the Algerian Super-Cup: A grand MCA-JSK match for November 1

El Khabar:
  • Following agreement on the movement of persons, new easings for visa applicants for Britain from August
  • Human Rights Watch, doctors, and experts confirm: Israel is bombarding civilians with internationally prohibited weapons. Israeli massacre in Nabatiyeh, 16 rockets on Haifa; Lakhdar Brahimi: America is not suitable to be an intermediary
  • Mohamed Alioui, El-Khabar guest: Agricultural support has become profiteering, and self-sufficiency will not be realized. The Grains Bureau is practising a policy of extortion on the farmers.
  • Solidarity with the Lebanese and Palestinian people: Belkhadem refuses assembly in People's House and moves it to Harcha Hall
  • University professors fail to set a length for the suspension of the strike: Baccalaureat and basic education correctors await raises
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs reveals: New Hajj procedures, no change to costs, and lottery [for hajj trips] at the end of the week


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