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Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Algerian headlines: Lebanon, Qaddafi, Iran

Lebanon is still on the front page of all the main Algerian newspapers, obviously:
  • El Khabar speaks to the Lebanese Red Cross: Lebanon experiencing unparalleled humanitarian disaster
  • Ech Chourouk: The resistance respond to Israeli allegation with 300 rockets, and are fighting on five fronts
  • El Watan: Renewal of Hezbollah attacks: Rockets rain on Israel
  • Liberte: Israeli intelligence involved in the war: When Mossad hunts Hezbollah.

In other news, Liberte report that Qaddafi was behind the recent Tuareg rebellion in Mali, as part of some kind of strategy to promote a "Great Saharan" Tuareg state, and took advantage of the death of Hadj Akhamokh and subsequent succession disputes to do so. I seem to remember similar reports a while back from Ech Chourouk, but who knows.

El Watan reports the establishment of the Iranian Trade Center in Algiers (Cheraga).


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