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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Algeria's oil and gas

Some handy maps of Algeria's main source of revenue:
* Where Algeria's petrochemical deposits are;
* Where the pipelines run;
* and, perhaps most interestingly, which companies are involved.

For the top buyers of Algeria's oil and gas as of 2004 (other products make up only about 2.3% of Algeria's exports, so they're negligible in this), see this table: USA, then Italy, France, Spain, then the Netherlands and Canada. (If you added the EU up, of course, it would be significantly ahead of the US.)

And if you were wondering who the heck all those companies are, I checked where they're based:

AGIP - Italy
ALEPCO - Libya + Algeria
Amerada Hess - US
Anadarko - US
BHP - Australia & UK
CNPC - China
FCP - Canada
GDF - France
Gulf Keystone - independent (UK, UAE, US, Kuwait)
Medex - France
Petrocanada - Canada
Petronas - Malaysia
PIDC - Pakistan
Repsol YPF - Spain & Argentina
Rosneft - Russia
Statoil - Norway
Total - France
Numhyd - Tunisia + Algeria


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