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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tunisia in Egyptian eyes

No direct Algeria link, but I like this post Tunisian thoughts, and many (though not all) of the attitudes described would certainly be recognizable in Algeria too. I thought this quote was particularly memorable:

A Café, sitting with Hagar, a graphic designer and her dad is a one of the powerful elite ruling the country “I’ve been to Beirut, I didn’t like it, I generally don’t like the East, your countries are so dirty and not organized, honestly I prefer Paris.” She then added “you have lots of veiled girls as well and I totally resent the veil and how you treat women in the East.” … so I go “but Hagar, regardless of whether you resent veil or not, women in the East and specifically Egypt have the freedom to choose to wear it or not but here you don’t” … she goes angrily “who said we need them to choose, Tunisian are not qualified to choose yet, they go only by the stick and that’s how they should be treated”!


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