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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Algeria's role in CIA rendition flights?

Ech Chourouk leads with the headline "Interior Ministry denies Marty report: Is Algeria a stopover for American secret services' transporting and transfer of terrorists?"

The allusion is to the Council of Europe's draft report on alleged CIA "secret detentions and unlawful inter-state transfers", which states that:

2.5.55. Our analysis of the rendition programme in the post-9/11 era allows us to infer that the transfer of other detainees on this rendition circuit must have entailed detainees being transferred out of Kabul to alternative detention facilities in different countries. Thus, drawing upon official flight data, the probable existence of secret detention facilities can be inferred in Algeria and, as we will see, in Romania.

The Interior Ministry called these claims "unfounded", adding that "Algeria has never once been a stopover for the transfer of prisoners accused of terrorism".

The CoE report also describes a case of six Algerians in Bosnia (four of them naturalized Bosnian citizens) being taken by the CIA to Guantanamo despite a court order mandating their release.


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