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Thursday, June 15, 2006

More Algeria security news

El Watan, Jeune Independant: Two GSPC members killed on Tuesday night in fighting around Ait Boudoukhane, in Chaabet el-Ameur 35 km southeast of Boumerdes. One turned out to be a native of Chaabet el-Ameur who had gone to the hills some weeks ago; the other was unidentified.

Ech Chourouk, El Watan: One Yahia Hassan, emir of the last guerrillas in Sidi Bel-Abbas, has surrendered. Ech Chourouk gives his group's name as something like "Protectors of the Salafist Preaching of Combat", while El Watan just says GSPC. Ech Chourouk also says that a "dangerous terrorist" that they had been looking for since 2001 was captured in Talebouant in Ghelizane. His initials are M. T., and he was born in 1980.


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