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Friday, June 09, 2006

Algerian papers report on Zarqawi's death

El Khabar's headline: "Commander of American forces in Iraq: Zarqawi was alive when the troops got there - Al-Qaida confirms his killing and his family receives condolences in Jordan / curfew and state of alert in Iraq"

Liberte's headline: "Murdered Algerian diplomats' families react to his death: 'Zarqawi is not a martyr'". They interviewed the wife of one of the diplomats, Mrs. Fatima Belaroussi, who says "I wish they had captured him and judged him - that they had tortured him until he revealed where he buried my husband's remains..."

Quotidien d'Oran has "Killed in a raid on Friday: what will the post-Zarqawi Iraq look like?"

Ech Chourouk reports that the GSPC has taken a leaf out of Zarqawi's book and posted online videos of them cutting the throat of a prison guard captured near Tizi-Ouzou, after filming his "confession" of misdeeds and passing sentence on him.

El Moudjahid reports "Zarqawi killed in a Jordanian-American operation - 34 dead in Baghdad attacks in 48 hrs".


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