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Saturday, June 17, 2006

More on amendment of Algerian Constitution

Ech Chourouk (p. 3), El Watan, El Khabar (EN): More newspapers report on the proposed constitutional changes. El Khabar basically quotes Belkhadem denying generalities without specifics; according to El Watan, "the former single party wants to reinstall a long-overturned political system".

Ech Chourouk quotes Belkhadem as saying that, contrary to some reports, article 158 (which allows the president to be tried in case of high treason) will not be changed (although article 74, of course, will), and that "the President is free to accept or reject the FLN's proposals for constitutional reform", as well as suggesting a reexamination of articles 160, 162, and 170 to allow more oversight over the elected assemblies' expenditure. As for the legislative branch, he proposes the elimination of the administrative chamber of the court and subordinating the Council of State to the administrative branch (ie the president). Otherwise, it confirms the report in Liberte.

In summary: under these proposals, the president will gain even more explicit power over both the other branches of government than he already has, and will be allowed to run for office indefinitely often. It's lucky Bouteflika is such a trustworthy person, isn't it?


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