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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Boumerdes residents tired of "chalets"

(The 2003 earthquake destroyed many homes in the Boumerdes area; their residents were moved as soon as possible from tents to "chalets", little mass-produced metal residences intended as medium-term accommodation for while houses got rebuilt or built.)

El Watan: Following demonstrations in Thenia this weekend, some 200 people living in the chalets, demonstrated in front of the town hall in Bordj-Menaiel, complaining about delays in providing accommodation and inadequate conditions, and saying the chalets have been doing duty for too many people too long. I suspect this has something to do with El Khabar's report that a bureaucrat was suspended for accepting a bribe of 8000 DA in Bordj-Menaiel for changing the name under which a chalet was registered.


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