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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dialogue with the arouch?

Ech Chourouk, El Watan, Liberte: The change of prime minister interrupted ongoing discussions between the government and the arouch; various newspapers are speculating as to the effect Belkhadem's appointment will have. El Watan suggests that Belkhadem will be much less willing to listen to the arouch than his predecessor, while Horizons notes that as FLN secretary-general Belkhadem denied the arouch's political legitimacy, arguing that, now that local elections have been successfully held in the Kabyle area, any negotiation should be with elected officials. On the other hand, Ech Chourouk suggests that the arouch are using the change to reopen discussion on the El-Kseur Platform, while Horizons reports they held a special meeting on Thursday to discuss the implications of the change of government. Can't say I feel any the wiser for reading all these articles, but this may make more sense later.


At 3:04 AM, Blogger the capricorn said...

I dont know my dear where is this movement going?Why dont they launch an armed mobilization to reach independance


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