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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Algeria news - May 11

Reuters - Paris Club accepts Algeria's offer to pay $8 billion of its debt in advance

El Khabar (EN), Liberte - 10 guerrillas killed in Seddat (Jijel) in the "Ghar el-Ghoula" cave alluded to yesterday. 1 guerrilla, "B. 'Abdallah' Haroun", surrenders in Jijel. His age was variously reported as 32 or 37, and his GSPC brigade's name as I`tisam or Taliban.

EN - Algeria's newspaper market almost evenly divided between Arabic and French: 48% of newspapers printed are in Arabic, 52% in French. The top Arabic one (and largest overall) is El Khabar; the top French one is Le Quotidien d'Oran.

El Khabar, El Moudjahid - Belkhadem announces FLN plan to change the constitution sometime in 2007 or so.


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