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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Algeria news - May 10

* Ech-Chaab, El Watan: Algeria's request is being considered by the Paris club. Algeria has proposed to pay off its debt ahead of schedule with the windfall arising from recent high oil prices. Algeria's foreign currency reserve currently stand at $62 billion; its external debt is $15.5 billion, of which it wants to prepay $8 billion to the Paris club.
* El Watan: Demonstrations in Zemmouri, demanding more housing from the local authorities.
* El Watan: Sit-in at a factory in Oued Fodda, demanding the release of its manager, Mahdjoub Hafidh, who was imprisoned for refusing builders access to a plot of land which the local government says is public property and the factory says is its own property.
* Ech-Chaab, El Watan: Government soldiers retrieve weapons from a cave in Seddat (Jijel) - including 3 kalashnikovs. The cave is said to be a hideout for a GSPC group called Ibad ar-Rahman.
* El Khabar (EN): Mixed response to public service unions' strike call - averaging about 65%. The strike was yesterday.
* El Khabar - Algeria has among highest rates of girls' schooling in Arab world, with women accounting for 65% of Bac candidates and 51% of university students.


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